who are you though…

HOW CREATIVE- you’re starting a fashion blog just like everyone else in the world.

Yes, I am. And I’ve tried to do this at least ten times before, but I’ve never got it quite right. But now I am determined.

I’m older. I’m (supposedly) wiser. I kind of have a feel for who I am.

So, ladies and gents- let me introduce myself and let you know why the hell I decided to start yet another fashion blog written by a hopeful, fashion crazed, teenage girl.

I am not cool. Let’s just put that out there. Reading this blog is not a guaranteed formula on how to be the coolest, chicest, best-dressed chick on the block. This is about being uncool! I believe that in this new generation of selfies, fangirls, and social media for dayz, it’s really important to be yourself and not get caught up in being cool. I – like all – have had trouble with this in the past. I’ve wondered why not everyone likes me, I’ve wondered why I don’t have more Instagram followers, and I’ve wondered why in the world I am so weird. But now, my friends, it is time to embrace that being uncool is a gift. I promise that if you focus too much on making others happy you will go batshit crazy! So embrace your weird and whatever makes you unique because that just may be the secret to happiness!!

So please, take my opinions and my words with a grain of salt. Use this as a guide to experiment with your own style and learn more about yourself. Follow me in a journey of learning to be un/cool and having way too much fun with fashion.

So, come along friends- let’s be weird.

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