Conforming is Boring

Here’s the deal- I know I’m not a great writer, I know I don’t know all there is to know about fashion. I know all that. I’m just using this blog as an outlet to pretend like my voice matters because I get told too often that it doesn’t. So, I’m sorry if the writing is bad and I’m sorry that you are reading this but just let me have a voice for once in my life and let me pretend that anything I do matters.

CONFORMITY. It’s something we all have to deal with. Humans conform as babies when they try to imitate facial expressions of their parents. We conform as five year olds when we try to be like our older siblings, we conform when we’re horrifying middle schoolers and we try to look like hot shit in our *fabulous* Juicy Couture tracksuits, and we conform as young adults as we try to lay low and keep others from telling us that what we’re doing is wrong.

Stop conforming! It’s boring!

I know it’s hard- I’m struggling with it right now! It’s hard to do something you like and have people criticize you raw for it. It’s hard to have your opinions shot down when you feel how important they are. One thing I pride myself in though is not conforming* when it comes to fashion. Trust yourself, be different! Don’t worry about those nasty girls that try to make themselves feel better by beating you up. Stand up tall and rock what you love!

*OK- let’s be honest it happens a little bit…how can it not?

How not to conform:

1. Trust your instinct. If you don’t like something when you first see it, don’t make yourself like it just because everyone else has it.

exhibit a: CROCS. Oh god… yes, I wore them, you wore them, we all wore them. Crocs are something I especially regret. I remember in the fourth grade when Crocs were first popular, I thought they were terribly ugly, but then my friends started getting them and I didn’t want to be the odd one out so I started wanting them. My mom told me they were ugly and too expensive *BRAVO* but she told me that if I did some chores around the house for a week that I could get a pair… essentially, I wore Crocs and I regret it.

2. Do it differently. If you like a trend, don’t be afraid to go for it, but try doing it with your own little twist.

exhibit b: TENNIS SKIRTS. Last summer, I loved that tennis skirts were in. I loved the American Apparel ones, especially the way my friend wore them. I had a dilemma though- nothing from American Apparel really fits me right because I’m not the skinniest and I’m not the tallest- which is ok- so I did a little looking around in my mom’s closet. And I was in luck! I found an old tennis skirt my mom wore in the 80s and it was perfect. It wasn’t like all the rest of them because it was unique and I felt ultra cool because I could channel my mom’s amazing vibe from the 80s. So go ahead- follow the latest trends, but do it in a way that makes you feel a little different from the rest.

3. Give in. I think its important to know that longing for that designer bag that everyone has is ok.

exhibit c: I’m obsessed with my cousin’s style. She has staple pieces by amazing designers, but she uses them in a unique way. She has the Givenchy Pandora Pepe bag that you see so many people wearing these days and she makes it look so effortless and casual- like everyone wears designer bags in college *we wish*. I have been saving my money for a long time now because I want to buy a bag like that- a designer bag that I love, even though a lot of people have it and I want to make it look effortless and my own. So, hopefully sometime this summer, you’ll see whatever bag I decide to spend my life’s worth on…oyyy. But really- If you like a designer item even though everyone has it, that’s ok because you can make it your own, so go for it!

How do you make fashion your own?