Cheek or Chic?

You know what I hate?


I just really freaking hate them. I hate the way they look on me, I hate the way they feel, I hate how they look so good and perfect on some people, but not on me.

Okay, so I guess we have to talk about insecurities for a bit here. I think its good to know that everyone has insecurities- acknowledge them and move on though, don’t let them consume your life.

I’m very insecure about my legs, butt, and stomach. I think my legs are too fat and not shapely enough. They also have a lot of scars and bruises on them which I feel makes them much more unattractive. My butt sticks out a lot and curves my back which makes my stomach stick out more. It also has these bumpy stretch mark things on one side that just showed up one day and make me wanna sand my butt down. My stomach isn’t fat but it’s also not flat. My lower stomach has a “pouch” and makes me look bloated 24/7.

Okay…with all that said, maybe now you know why I hate shorts.

I feel like all the shorts made now are super cheeky and super high waisted. I love that look so much, but I just don’t feel comfortable in that style. It highlights my butt, legs, and stomach which I obviously don’t love. I wish they made shorts that have big enough holes for my legs, that cover my butt, and that fit right around my waist… but they don’t!!! Nowhere to be found are shorts that fit the Karli bod!!! Nowhere! And it’s so freaking annoying :(((

So friends- cheek or chic? Are you an “ass out lady” or a “cover me up as much as possible” kinda gal? Lemme know!

Also- please please please if you think you have a Karli bod and you have found good shorts tell me where!!! THX!