😍 Spring 2016 Couture: Giorgio Armani 😍


photos from http://www.wwd.com


I’m drooling.

Look at these beautiful pieces.

Giorgio Armani’s couture collection for Spring 2016 is the most perfect combination of futuristic/classic/feminine/androgynous. The silky, sheer, embellished fabrics and the beautiful violet tones make this collection stand out like no other.

I love it when I get really excited about a collection because then you’re like WOW! There’s still stuff to be done! Because maybe this is just me, but you know how sometimes you think like how the hell do people keep coming with new ideas for collections. And then I’m like, oh they haven’t everything looks the same. LOL. But then there’s that one collection and I’m like holy s*** its been done!!! Last spring/summer Ready-to-Wear, Fendi really got me.

So I applaud Giorgio Armani! Fab job people, fab job.