How to trick people into thinking you wear color

Change. It’s hard. Since the rest of my life right now is a jumbled mess of change that I am trying to work through, I haven’t been very good at changing things in my life that will make me feel better personally. I constantly tell myself that I’m going to workout more, eat healthier, post more on my blog, and have more fun with my outfits.

I wear black a lot. Like a lot a lot. The thing about black is that it’s so chic and easy, but I definitely get bored with it at times. So, one thing that I have started changing in my life is attempting to wear more color. This has been a difficult task for me because if you ask any of my friends or co-workers you would know that I pretty much wear black every single day. I have finally started to step out of my comfort zone a little bit – ok like a tiny, tiny bit. But it’s a step in the right direction.

Through my journey of trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe I have discovered a few tricks that might be helpful for all of my fellow black lovers out there if you are trying to wear more color as well. Or if people bug you all the time about never wearing color. Let’s trick people into thinking we wear color together.

First of all, patterns and white accents will trick people into thinking you’re not actually wearing all black. This pinstripe jumpsuit (similar) breaks up the black. A fun thing I did with this jumpsuit is I trimmed the hem and frayed it to give it a less tailored look. Jackets are also a great way to incorporate more color into an outfit. This jacket (this is so cool too) is even black itself but its a trickster because it has colorful flowers patches on it so it gives the illusion like you’re wearing more color than you actually are.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
accessories are the best way to add a pop of color

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The easiest way for me to add color to my outfit is by accessorizing. Adding patterns, colors, and metals to an outfit breaks up the darkness and tricks people into thinking you’re wearing more color than you actually are. And can we talk about this bag? This bag is like the symbol of my style right now – STARS, mixing metals, navy, and just plain fun. Also these glasses are amazing because they have a star and a moon on them… what could be better.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Drum roll please. These gorgeous Stan Smiths literally make this outfit. And want to know a secret? (I got them at KIDS footlocker, apparently women’s size 8 is a kid’s 6.5 -???) Anyway, the holographic back adds so much color to the outfit and its fun because it will look so different depending on the lighting.

Have fun all you tricksters!!


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