pin killas

I love me a good pin. They are my ultimate going out essential. Weird. I know- but they are honestly so fun. They make any outfit so much more fun and waaaay less serious. Plus, they’re a great conversation starter. They got me through those awkward freshman at a party conversations.


My interest in pins started last fall when my roommate and I went to SOWA in Boston- its this great market full of amazing vintage finds. I found this one bin of pins and I fell in love. My “same bullshit different day!” pin was my first and has remained my favorite.


Pins then became a big thing with me and my friends. We would all pick out a pin to wear that night and it would kind of give us an alternate personality (lol).


My roommate got me a ton of fun ones for Christmas, my favorite being the matching set of the “do it” and “don’t do it”. Its fun to wear both at the same time and have lil angels and devils to help you make decisions throughout the night. And sometimes you’ve just gotta be one or the other and the pins help keep you stuck in your decisions!!


And now pins are like the biggest thing! Urban has them, Nasty Gal has them, everyone and their mother has them!


I love my “nipple” one from Urban Outfitters because like, thats weird. To wear a pin that says nipple. Its so juvenile and so so funny.




That’s all I got. Just wanted to share my love of pins with the world. Now go out there and BE WEIRD!!

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